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WhereCamp 5280 Unofficial Programmers meetup

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Hacking on Geo-problems (@ WhereCamp5280)  

(aka WhereCamp5280 Hooky Bobbing)


Open source. Dynamic languages. The web. Geography. Bring your computer and brain for a day full of problem solving and other generally awesome geo-geekery.


Possible Topics:



  • Geometric object simplification
  • Distributed data processing for the web
  • Deploying open source GIS libs using zc.buildout (python)
  • Web mapping frameworks (GeoDjango, Mapnik, etc)
  • Geodata Tiling with TileStache/Cache (for vectors and rasters)
  • Javascript mapping APIs (OpenLayers, Polymaps, etc.)
  • Creating and parsing KML documents using python 
  • HTTP Client/Server programming (OpenSearch-Geo, GeoJSON, httplib2, etc)
  • GeoJSON-ish geodata interface for Python





Location: Tivoli Student Center (CU Denver's Campus - http://geocommons.com/maps/32861 )

Room: 322

Time: 8am to 6 pm (followed by beer consumption)

Date: Thursday Nov. 18th, 2010


Parking in Denver:

The easiest place to park for this would be in the parking garages/lots to the west of Tivoli, but it costs money ~5/10 bucks.

There is free, secret ninja parking close to Downtown Denver, but it's a little bit of a hike (a short bike ride though). Contact Chris if you want to do this option.  



List of Attendees:


Chris Helm 

Sean Gillies 

Mike Tafel

Neal McBurnett

Tyler Erickson

Peter Batty

Charlie Savage

Dan Shoutis --- dan@shoutis.org (email + gtalk); http://blog.shoutis.org

Michael Weisman

Kate Chapman

Andrew Turner

Andrei Taraschuk

Seth Fitzsimmons
Josh Livni (afternoon arrival)

Dan Getman


Random Notes & Followups: 


From Dan S: On Thurs eve I was telling someone -- Michael? -- (I blame beer before food) about the Natural Earth basemap layers as handy for less-cluttered larger scale thematic maps, only I wasn't certain on the name/url. Here's the link: http://www.naturalearthdata.com/